School Committee - September 13, 2021


High School Advisors 00:00:51

Public Forum 00:07:51

Action Items 00:08:16

Field Trip – Middle School Washington, D.C. Trip

Teaching and Learning Showcase 00:15:46

Acceleration Roadmap

Teaching and Learning Showcase 00:42:21

Summer Professional Development

Action Items 00:47:27

Policy Subcommittee 1. Committee Minutes from August 26, 2021 2. Second Reading (Vote) – Policy IHB (Special Instructional Programs and Accommodations – Programs for Children with Special Needs) 3. First Reading (No Vote) – Policy IMB (Supporting the Purposeful Teaching of Challenging and Controversial Topics)

Action Items 00:53:18

Superintendent’s Goals for 2021-22

Action Items 01:04:06

Compensation Adjustment for Superintendent Galdston

Action Items 01:08:11

Approval of Minutes

Reports 01:08:35

Status of COVID-19 Protocols for Beginning of School Year

Reports 01:24:59

Equity Update

Reports 01:40:18

Building for the Future 1. Elementary Schools Project 2. High School Project

Reports 01:42:28

Hiring Process for New Attorney

Reports 01:43:44

Budget Update – FY21 and FY22

Reports 01:51:09

Enrollment Update

Reports 01:53:28

Personnel Update

Report 01:54:29

School Committee Chair

Reports 01:56:17


New Business 01:58:53

Announcements 02:00:33

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