School Committee - October 18, 2021


Call To Order 00:00:14

Public Forum 00:01:23

Teaching and Learning Showcase 00:01:59

Teaching and Learning at the new Cunniff School

Action Items 00:13:20

Policy Subcommittee Committee Minutes from August 26, 2021

Action Items 00:14:33

Approval of Minutes School Committee Meetings on September 27 and October 4, 2021

Action Items 00:14:55

Consideration of ending Mandatory COVID Testing for Vaccinated 7-12 Grade Students

Reports 00:15:33

Status of COVID-19 Protocols

Reports 00:42:19

Equity Update

Reports 00:50:56

Budget Update

Reports 00:57:34

School Committee Chair

Reports 00:59:00

Superintendent Planning for Vocational and Technical Education Opportunities for Watertown Students

New Business 01:11:35

Public Forum 01:11:40

Announcements 01:12:04

Adjournment 01:14:20

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