Housing Partnership - October 19, 2021


Approval of Minutes of September 21, 2021 Meeting 00:00:05

St. Joseph’s Hall/2 Rosary Drive 00:01:23

funds for elevator replacement: amendment of FY22 Action Plan to provide for use of HOME funds for elevator replacement and, subject to amendment and any other conditions, authorization of funding commitment

103 Nichols Avenue 00:11:41

Proposed Housing Authority Project

Updates on pending matters 00:34:04

a. Emergency Rental Assistance Program

Updates on pending matters 00:55:39

b. Municipal Affordable Housing Trust/related CPA application

Updates on pending matters 00:57:35

c. Nexus study

Updates on pending matters 00:58:59

d. Local Preference Policy

Continued Discussion on Accessory Dwelling Units 01:00:25

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