Planning Board - November 10, 2021


Public Hearing 00:01:15

A. Sale of Firearms as a new Use Category separating it from the general retail use category, with a definition and a new note identifying buffers from certain other uses. Staff Report Sale of Firearms

Public Hearing 00:18:36

B. Short-Term Rentals as a Use Category (replacing a previous renting of rooms use category) with supporting language, definitions, and a section for the requirements to operate short-term rentals as an accessory use within certain residential dwelling units. Staff Report Short Term Rentals

Other Business 01:56:08

A. AOTC Update - Master Plan and Site Plan review by Massachusetts Historical Commission (MHC) has been approved with minor modifications to fa├žades for Buildings 1 & 2 with copper and brick substitution in place of panels and other changes to glazing to accommodate the brick.

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