School Committee - January 10, 2022


Annual School Committee Reorganization 00:00:53

Election of Officers

High School Advisors 00:03:23

Public Forum 00:07:28

Action Items – Discussion and Vote 00:11:27

Include Harriet Hosmer in the Rededication of the Hosmer School

Action Items – Discussion and Vote 00:16:35

Approval of Gifts

Action Items – Discussion and Vote 00:19:01

Approval of School Committee Minutes

Reports 00:21:22

Vocational Technical Education Ad Hoc Committee

Reports 00:42:30

Status of COVID-19 Protocols

Reports 01:10:37

Equity Update

Report 01:12:06

Building for The Future

Report 01:17:55

FY22 Budget Update

Report 01:22:05


Report 01:23:44


Report 01:24:19

School Committee Chair

Report 01:24:41


New Business 01:26:27

Announcements 01:26:32

Public Forum 01:28:01

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