School Building Committee - February 16, 2022


Review and Approval of Meeting Minutes 00:02:07

Elementary School

Review and Approval of Monthly Invoices 00:04:42

Three Elementary School Project Invoices December 2021 & January 2022 Change Order #11

Project Update – Executive Summary 00:12:16

Elementary Schools Project Items 00:14:55

Hosmer O’Connell Field – Updated Recreational Amenities

Elementary Schools Project Items 00:27:49

Hosmer PV Canopies Review

Elementary Schools Project Items 01:01:17

Hosmer Traffic Plan Review

Lowell Elementary School 01:07:43

Approval of General Contractor & Alternate #1

Approval of Minutes 01:17:38

High School Project High School Project

Approval of Monthly Invoices 01:20:21

High School Project

Design Development Schedule 01:22:18

High School Project

WHS Cost Comparison with Other MSBA Projects 01:26:37

High School Project

Site & Floor Plan Updates 01:30:58

High School Project

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