School Committee - March 21, 2022


Call to Order 00:00:23

Roll Call 00:00:33

Adjourn to Executive Session 00:00:47

6:30 PM Discussion of strategy with respect to WEA and SEIU negotiations as an open meeting may have a detrimental effect on the WPS’ bargaining position.

Return to Open Session 00:01:26

Presentations 00:01:30

A. Hosmer School Teaching and Learning Showcase

Equity Audit Report and Presentation 00:22:04

Public Forum 01:25:42

Action Items – Discussion and Vote 01:48:07

A. NYC Overnight field trip for the WHS Performing Arts

Action Items – Discussion and Vote 01:49:14

B. EDCO District Assessment and Lease Settlement

Action Items – Discussion and Vote 01:50:50

C. WEA Member Request for Child to Attend WPS

Action Items – Discussion and Vote 01:52:08

D. Second Reading of Policies: 1.IC/ICA- School Year Calendar 2.JFABE- Educational Opportunities for Military Children 3.JJA-Student Organizations 4.JJH-R Student Travel Regulations 5.JRA- Student Records 6.EFD- Meal Charge Policy

Approval of School Committee Meeting Minutes 01:57:01

1. March 7, 2022 School Committee Meeting

Approval of Subcommittee Meeting Reports 01:57:23

1. March 8, 2022 Budget and Finance Subcommittee meeting report 2. March 10, 2022 Budget and Finance Subcommittee meeting report

G. Approval of March 14, 2022 Voc Tech Ad Hoc Committee meeting report 02:03:12

Reports 02:03:26

A. COVID-19 Update B. Building for the Future C. School Committee Chair D. Superintendent

Announcements 02:07:30

Public Forum 02:07:51

Adjournment 02:08:15

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