City Council - April 12, 2022


Roll Call 00:00:10

Pledge of Allegiance 00:01:04

Public Forum 00:01:25

Examination Of Minuets (March 8th Minutes) 00:06:49

Examination Of Minutes (March 22nd Minutes) 00:07:30

Presidents Report 00:08:01

Presentation Of Petitions, Proclamations, and Similar Papers and Maters (Arbor Day) 00:09:16

Public hearing (Auditor - Acting CM) 00:11:31

Public hearing (Ordinance Amending The Acting Deputy City Manager Compensation) 00:17:35

Motions (Watertown Food Pantry) 00:20:25

Motion (Council Reserve Account) 00:22:06

Motion (Debt Retirement) 00:28:09

Reports (Retiree Cola, Water and Sewer Study) 00:41:57

Reports (PCO Minuetes March 14, 2022 MTG) 00:53:36

Reports (Ro Comms - Snow Ordinance) 01:05:36

New Business (Proposed Loan Order) 01:13:56

New Business (Dark Sky Lighting Principles and Appropriate Lighting in Watertown City Parks) 01:14:45

New Business (Review and Discussion of Park Signage in Watertown City Parks) 01:15:05

New Business (Guidance on the Special Needs Baseball/Softball Diamond) 01:15:10

Communications From The City Manager (Affordable Housing Trust) 01:16:05

Communications From the City Manager (Request for Confirmations of Appointments to the Solid Waste And Recycling Advisory Committee) 01:17:51

Communications From The City Manager (Traffic Commission) 01:19:26

Requests For Information 01:21:53

Announcements 01:21:59

Public Forum 01:27:43

Adjourn 01:27:54

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