Commission on Disability - April 20, 2022

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Call to Order 00:00:05

Chair's Report 00:01:24

A. Watertown Square Delta – John Hawes, Naomi Ridge, & Gayle Shattuck B. Update from DPW on How Dog Park – Gayle C. Detectable Warnings on New Path behind Library – Naomi Ridge D. Updated request from Carey Conkey at WFPL for 2 ASL interpreters June 4th Diversity event E. Letter of Support for Michael Lara Watertown Housing, for subsidized housing - Kim F. WCOD New Member Recruitment, Terms/Reappointments Update - All

Acceptance of Minutes for March Meeting 00:20:00

Treasurer's Report 00:21:01

Committee Reports - Ongoing Business 00:23:34

A. Plans Review– Arsenal Yards accessible spaces -John 1. Mt. Auburn Cemetery Variance for Story Chapel and Administration Building – John 2. 51 Watertown Street Variance Request - John B. Special Education Update – Naomi C. Safety and Access – Kim and Elan Rohde 1) Detectable Warnings at Lexington & Main Streets Being Referred to Mass Highway – Kim

New Business 00:41:08

Adjournment 00:58:27

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