City Council - April 26, 2022


Call To Order 00:00:10

Roll Call 00:00:26

Pledge of Allegiance 00:00:56

Public Forum 00:01:33

Examination of Minutes 00:01:56

April 12, 2022 Meeting

Proclomations - Eagle Scout 00:02:22

Honoring Deion Howe on becoming an Eagle Scout

Proclamation - Children's Mental Health Week 00:06:58

Observing from May 1-7, 2022

President's Report 00:09:43

Public Hearing - Alden Road 00:11:12

Petition of a grant of location from NStar to install/maintain PVC Conduits on Alden Road

Public Hearing - Walnut Street 00:17:13

Petition for a Grant of Location from on a Petition from NSTSAR ELECTRIC COMPANY d/b/a EVERSOURCE ENERGY to Install and Maintain in Walnut Street Approximately 150 Linear Feet of 4-5" PVC Pipes Type EB in Concrete.

Public Hearing - Mt Auburn St 00:19:56

Petition for a Grant of Location a petition from RCN to Install and Maintain in Mount Auburn Street Approximately 75 Linear Feet of One (1) 4” Communication Conduit from Existing MH 13471 to Building 19

Public Hearing - Watertown Zoning Ordinance 00:22:35

Resolution Adopting an Amendment to the Watertown Zoning Ordinance by Amending Article V, Section 5.02, Accessory Use Table to Add a New Category that Allows in Certain Zoning Districts Outdoor Transfer of Retail Goods Purchased Remotely, Not to Include Orders of Food Prepared for Immediate Consumption

Motion - Zoning Text Amendment 00:30:48

Public Hearing on a Proposed Zoning Text Amendment to Amend Section 7.07 (d) to Allow Greater Flexibility for Signs Erected on a Building at a Height Exceeding 100 Feet

Committee Reports 00:31:58

Committee of the Budget and Fiscal Oversight Report Regarding Compensation for Retirement Board Members and the Setting of Priorities for the Use of the American Rescue Plan (ARPA) Funds - Vincent J. Piccirilli, Chair

Action Item - Committee Report 00:37:13

That the City Council Increase the Annual Retirement Board Stipend by $500, from $4,000 to $4,500 as Allowed by Law

New Business 00:37:32

Communications from the City Manager 00:37:39

A. Request for Confirmation of Appointment to the Board of Health B. Request for Confirmation of Reappointments to the Community Preservation Committee C. Submission of the Fiscal Year 2023 Budget

Requests for Information/Review of list of Pending Matters 01:44:33

Announcements 01:44:40

Public Forum 01:46:07

Adjournment 01:46:25

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