City Council - May 10, 2022


Roll call 00:00:25

Pledge of Allegiance 00:01:42

Public Forum 00:02:13

Examination of Records of Previous Meetings 00:04:25

President's Report 00:05:25

Public Hearings 00:09:07

Installing and Replacing a Water Main 00:18:10

Replacing Lead Pipes 00:19:11

Designing, Engineering and Constructing Sewer System Improvements 00:19:51

Reports of Committees 00:20:30

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Watertown Government 00:21:07

City Council Analyst 00:22:28

Confirmation Interviews of Two Members to the Traffic Commission 00:38:25

New Business 00:41:32

Communications From The City Manager 00:43:19

Requests For Information/Review Of List Of Pending Matters 00:43:24

Announcements 00:43:32

Public Forum 00:44:58

Recess Or Adjournment 00:45:15

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