City Council - June 14, 2022


Call to Order 00:00:04

Roll Call 00:00:07

Executive Session 00:00:26

To conduct strategy sessions in preparation for contract negotiations with nonunion personnel

Return from Executive Session 00:01:29

Pledge of Allegiance 00:01:56

Examination of Minutes - May 10th 00:02:21

Examination of Minutes - May 12th 00:02:51

Special City Council Meeting

Public Forum 00:03:05

President's Report 00:05:40

Proclamation 00:08:22

Honoring the Watertown Housing Partnership

Resolution - Retiree Health Insurance 00:11:35

Approving the fiscal year 2023 budget Retiree Health Insurance appropriation and authorization of expenditures from the open trust fund

Resolution - Expenditure Limits for Resolving Funds 00:13:10

Establishing Fiscal Year 2023 Expenditure Limits for Resolving Funds

Motion - The Community Preservation Act 00:14:19

To appropriate the Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds for Fiscal year 2023

Resolution - Transfer of Funds for City Auditor Search 00:17:07

Transfer of $14,000 from fiscal year 2022 city council reserve account to fiscal year 2022 city auditor search account

Resolution - Transfer of Funds to Trust/Other Funds account 00:18:17

Transfer of $60,000 from fiscal year 2022 City Council Reserve to Fiscal year 2022 transfer to trust/other funds account

Public Hearing - Vote on Fiscal year 2023 Budget 00:20:16

Consideration and Action - Housing Linkage Fee 00:54:08

Committee Reports 01:27:16

New Business 01:34:21

Communications from the City Manager 01:34:28

Requests for Information/Review of List of Pending Matters 01:35:10

Announcements 01:35:35

Public Forum 01:37:49

Adjournment 01:40:58

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