Governor's Council Debate

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After speaking with both candidates following the debate, WCA-TV allowed each of them to submit an additional written statement to address inaccurate information that was shared during closing remarks of the debate. Read candidate Mara Dolan's disclaimer:


Open 00:00:05

Introduction 00:00:21

Opening Statements 00:02:47

Why Do you Believe The Work of the Governor's Council is Important? 00:07:10

What qualities do you look for in every candidate that comes before you, and how do you vet those candidates? 00:11:32

How will you handle a situation when you do not believe a candidate should be approved? 00:15:59

How do you factor in a judge nominee's previous life experience into you voting decision - For instance if they have been an aggressive district attorney or defense attorney? 00:18:36

Mara, what is your response to Marilyn's belief that because you're a full time public defender you don't have as much time to devote to the governor's council? 00:21:56

Marilyn, your opponent has criticized you for recently voting to confirm an anti-choice judge as an associate justice of the Massachusetts superior court. How do you respond to these criticisms from your opponent? 00:24:12

What factors will you be considering when you vote on a person's pardon or commutation? 00:27:58

How important is it to get along with other members of the Governor's Council? 00:30:58

Closing remarks 00:35:57

Credits 00:40:46

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