Library Board of Trustees - September 7, 2022


Call to Order 00:00:22

Director's Report 00:01:08

Employee Introductions

Secretary's Report 00:08:06

Minutes of August 2nd Meeting

Public Forum 00:10:52

Red Leaf Cafe Update 00:11:02

Financial Report 00:11:15

FY23 Budget

Financial Report 00:11:42

HATCH Financial

Financial Report 00:11:47

Burke Fund Report

Financial Report 00:13:58

Consideration and Action on Acceptance of Donations

Financial Report 00:14:49

Consideration and Action to Transfer Funds

Chair's Report 00:16:22

Director's Report 00:17:59

Old Business 00:28:41

Update on Collective Memory Project

Old Business 00:33:40

Consideration and Action on Library Director Performance Review

New Business 00:37:31

Requests for Information and Responses 00:37:37

Date of the next meeting 00:37:45

Executive Session 00:38:17

Consideration and Action on Library Director Contract

Adjournment 00:39:33

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