Historical Commission - September 15, 2022

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Acceptance of Minutes 00:00:51

Review and Acceptance of Minutes from the July 14th Meeting and August 4th Special Meeting

Informational Meeting 00:02:49

Review of Application for CPC funding by Mt. Auburn Cemetery for the Enhanced Care and Preservation of Iron Fences around Scot's Lot. Gus Fraser, Jenny Gilbert/Representatives

Discussion 00:02:56

8 Parker St.- Date of construction for research for the Historic Plaque Program

Informational Meeting 00:03:08

Review of Application for CPC funding by Commanders Mansion for a Historic American Landscape Survey, (HALS). Liz Helfer, Applicant/Representative

Updates 00:18:23

Community Preservation Committee (CPC) Updates by Matthew Walter

Discussion 00:23:21

Discussion of historical assets inventory

Agent Report 00:52:33

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