Conservation Commission - October 12, 2022


Public Hearing 00:01:28

Request for Determination of Applicability- for the proposed parking lot improvements and utility upgrades located at 10-30 Manley Way, Watertown, Massachusetts. PPF Industrial 20 Seylon, LLC, Owner, Christopher M. Lucas, Representative/Applican

Discussion 00:02:15

Discussion on sending a letter to City Council to communicate the Commission's current position on the potential removal of the Watertown Dam

Agent Report 00:45:48

CPC Update

Agent Report 00:52:00

Climate and Energy Plan

Agent Report 00:52:47

Ongoing Orders of Conditions

Agent Report 00:54:06


Agent Report 00:54:47

Whitney Hill

Agent Report 01:03:54

Faire on the Square Recap

Review and Acceptance of 2023 Calendar 01:06:54

Review and acceptance of meeting and filing dates for the Conservation Commission in 2023

Review and Acceptance of Minutes 01:12:45

Review and Acceptance of Minutes from July 13 and September 14, 2022 Conservation Commission meetings.

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