City Council - October 25, 2022


Roll Call 00:00:43

Pledge of Allegiance 00:01:15

Public Forum 00:01:37

Examination of Minutes 00:06:53

Meeting minuted from October 11th, 2022 City Council Meeting

President's Report 00:07:11

Proclamation 00:07:23

Honoring Thomas J Tracy on his retirement as City Auditor

Informational Presentation 00:08:01

Charles River Watershed Association

Resolution 00:24:46

Support of the Fair Share Amendment

Resolution 00:39:26

Gift of Funds to the Watertown Food Pantry

Consideration and Approval 00:41:37

Revising the House Bill 2009 that authorized an Affordable Housing Linkage Fee

First Reading 00:45:58

Proposed amendment to the 2023 Fiscal Year Budget

Committee Reports 00:46:33

Committee on Federal, State, and Regional Government. Report regarding the review of Watertown's electoral processes and procedures

Action Item - Committee Reports 00:52:54

That the city council endorse Attorney Lauren Goldberg to provide training to Election Commissioners, the City Council, and the City Clerk's Office

Committee Reports 00:53:54

Confirmation of the Committee on Personnel and City Organization reports. Regarding the development process for selecting candidates for Municipal Policy Analyst

New Business 00:54:20

Communications from the City Manager 00:54:26

Update on the Massachusetts Municipal Opt-in Specialized Stretch Code

Communcations from the City Manager 00:59:10

Request for confirmation of appointment to the cable access corporation - Board of Directors

Requests for Information/Review of lists of Pending Matters 01:01:03

Announcements 01:01:07

Public Forum 01:06:04

Adjournment 01:06:16

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