Historical Commission - November 10, 2022

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Acceptance of Minutes 00:00:15

A. Review and acceptance of Minutes from the October 13, 2022 Historical Commission Meeting

Public Hearing 00:18:18

A. Public Hearing to determine if the house and garage at 112 Forrest St. are preferably preserved and if a demolition delay will be imposed. Kamel Alhady, Applicant/ Karen Lucas, Owner

Tribute 01:18:31

A. To JB Jones, long time member of the Historical Commission, Recipient of the 2017 Special Recognition Award at the Historic Preservation Awards.

Commission Discussion 01:19:15

A. Demolition Delay Ordinance/Regulations.

Commission Discussion 01:25:55

A. Historic Assets Inventory

CPC Update 01:41:21

A. CPC Updates by Matthew Walter

Agent Report 01:44:00

Adjournment 01:46:34

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