School Committee - December 5, 2022


Roll Call 00:00:34

Public Forum 00:00:57

School Committee Recognition: WHS Field Hockey, 2022 State Championship, Division Three 00:01:23

Reports 00:11:29

Fall Sports Update

High School Advisors 00:14:55

Teaching and Learning Showcase: Cunniff Elementary School 00:20:09

Action Items – Discussion and Vote 00:27:50

Approval of Meeting Minutes

CVTE Committee Progress Update 00:31:34

Action Items - Discussion and Vote 01:05:46

Approval of Meeting Minutes

First Reading of Policies 01:08:29

Action Items - Discussion and Vote 01:20:36

Approval of Gifts

Reports 01:21:32

Strategy Development

Reports 01:31:58


Reports 01:33:36


Reports 01:34:44


Reports 01:36:09

Building for the Future

Reports 01:40:29

School Committee Chair

Reports 01:41:12


New Business 01:42:26

Announcements 01:42:30

Public Forum 01:43:28

Adjourn to Executive Session under Exemption 2: to discuss strategy with respect to WEA (unit A) negotiations as an open meeting may have a detrimental effect on the WPS’ bargaining position; and to discuss a level three grievance from WEA (Unit A) in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement. 01:45:21

Adjournment 01:46:14

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