Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee - January 9, 2023

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Acceptance of minutes of December 5, 2022 00:00:23

Bike event--Working group: Amy+ 00:06:11

Pick date, outline activities

Working Groups discussions 00:34:36

Bike Parking (Hannah, Maria, Dan)

Working Groups discussions 00:35:27

Janet Jameson memorial (Maria, Sheila, Hannah). Next steps.

Development—480 Arsenal St. 00:36:15

Committee Discussion 00:57:18

Committee Discussion 00:58:44

Road construction program input. Review Bike-Ped Plan for priority projects, and send letter to Council DPW Comm. and others

Committee Discussion 01:09:33

Dan will send email to Steve re. green paint on Arsenal St

Committee Discussion 01:09:56

Laura will contact developers of 705 Mt. Auburn St/64 Grove St. about snow clearance on bikeway

Committee Discussion 01:13:32

Meeting with City Manager

Committee Discussion 01:15:29

Community Path discussion follow-up

Member items/New business 01:18:48


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