Zoning Board of Appeals - January 25, 2023


Acceptance of Minutes 00:03:07

Meeting Minutes-December 21, 2022 (Draft Minutes)

Other Business 00:03:42

93 California St- Request for Extension ZBA-2021-18 SPF/VAR. Conditional Approval (5-0), January 26, 2022 Request for Variance and SPF to construct a two-and one-half story living space addition in CITY OF WATERTOWN ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS ADMINISTRATION BUILDING 149 Main Street Watertown, Massachusetts 02472 BOARD MEMBERS Melissa M. SantucciRozzi, Chair David Ferris, Clerk Christopher Heep , Member Michael Brangwynne, Member Gregory Girard, Alternate Member TEL. (617) 972-6427 place of an existing one-story garage and create one new front yard parking space. Property is located in the Open Space Conservancy (OSC) district. ZBA 2021-18.

New Cases 00:09:37

99 Water St. – 51 Water Street LLC. – Special Permit with Site Plan Review – Construction of a 4 story, 224,000 sq. ft. Laboratory/Research and Development building with mechanical penthouse and partial 5th story and 430 lower-level parking spaces. This building was discussed as a 2nd phase of 66 Galen St and includes internal garage access between the sites. Pursuant to: §5.01.5(a, e and j) New Construction Laboratories/Research and Development with c) complimentary retail/service/office; Section 5.02 (n) accessory licensed day care use; Special Permit §4.10 additional height and rooftop mechanicals and screening; § 4.11 (d) Expanded Build to Line, §5.05 (d) Reduced Side Yard Setbacks, §5.05(f) Contiguous Façade and building length in keeping with Design Guidelines §5.05 (i) FAR of 1.9; §6.01(e-g) TDM/parking management for cross-site shared parking and other relief; ; all in accordance with §9.03 through §9.06 . Industrial-2 (I-2) Zoning District. ZBA-2022-10

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