Zoning Board of Appeals - February 22, 2023


Acceptance of Minutes 00:03:16

Meeting Minutes-January 25, 2023 (Draft Minutes)

Case 00:03:42

99 Water St. – 51 Water Street LLC. – Special Permit with Site Plan Review – Construction of a 4 story, 224,000 sq. ft. Laboratory/Research and Development building with mechanical penthouse and partial 5th story and 430 lower-level parking spaces. This building was discussed as a 2nd phase of 66 Galen St and includes internal garage access between the sites. Pursuant to: §5.01.5(a, e and j) New Construction Laboratories/Research and Development with c) complimentary retail/service/office; Section 5.02 (n) accessory licensed day care use; Special Permit §4.10 additional height and rooftop mechanicals and screening; § 4.11 (d) Expanded Build to Line, §5.05 (d) Reduced Side Yard Setbacks, §5.05(f) Contiguous Façade and building length in keeping with Design Guidelines §5.05 (i) FAR of 1.9; §6.01(e-g) TDM/parking management for cross-site shared parking and other relief; ; all in accordance with §9.03 through §9.06 . Industrial-2 (I-2) Zoning District. ZBA-2022-10

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