Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee - March 6, 2023


Acceptance of minutes of February 6, 2023 00:00:20

Bike event, May 20. Working group: Amy, Jesse, Sophia and Stephanie 00:00:38

Meeting with City Manager report (Dan, Jamie, Laura) 00:17:06

Comp. Plan meeting 00:21:38

Working Groups discussions 01:02:00

Bike Parking (Hannah, Maria, Dan)

Working Groups discussions 01:02:19

Road Construction letter to DPW (Jamie, Dan, Tom Floros, Vasant Marer)

Working Groups discussions 01:02:55

Janet Jameson memorial (Maria, Sheila, Hannah). Next steps.

Working Groups discussions 01:03:28

Yard Art bike tour in April (Sheila, Jamie, Maria)

Development 01:07:20

480 Arsenal St. report from Community meeting

Development 01:10:56

104-126 Main St. mixed-use project Community meeting

Committee Discussion/status updates from previous meeting 01:16:13

Mt. Auburn Street project, feedback from MassDOT

Member items/New business 01:16:38


Comp. Plan meeting, Thursday March 9, 6:30-8:00 pm at the Library. Next Bike-Ped Comm. Meeting, Monday, April 3, 2023, 7:30 pm.

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