Planning Board - March 8, 2023


Administrative Business 00:00:36

Resignation of Chairman Jeff Brown - Selection of Chairman

Administrative Business 00:06:19

Minutes of 1/11/2023 Meeting

Public Hearing 00:06:50

To consider Watertown Zoning Ordinance Map Amendment to apply the Religious/School Building Overlay District (R/SOD) to 126-134 Templeton Parkway

Public Hearing 01:35:43

To consider Watertown Zoning Ordinance amendments for requiring an Affordable Housing Linkage Fee. Amendments to be considered add language as necessary, including to Section 5.01, notes relating to the Table of Use Regulations, and to Section 5.07, relating to establishment of a linkage fee, for new non-residential development of 30,000 square feet or greater to fund affordable housing in Watertown

Other 03:11:35

A. Comprehensive Plan Update: For discussion, project updates can be found on the website:

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