School Building Committee - April 19, 2023


Call to Order 00:01:16

Elementary School Projects 00:02:11

Review and Approval of Meeting Minutes – March 15, 2023

Elementary School Projects 00:02:37

Review and Approval of Monthly Invoices / Expenses

Elementary School Projects Update 00:08:55

Executive Summary

Elementary School Projects 00:20:51

Questions / Comments

High School Project 00:25:57

Approval of Meeting Minutes from 3/15/23 (High School business only)

High School Project 00:26:50

Approval of Monthly Invoices – Month of March 2023

High School Project 00:29:13

Overall Project Schedule Update / Upcoming Milestones

High School Project 00:34:01

Swing Space Projects Update

High School Project 00:47:58

Overall Project Budget Update

High School Project 00:56:45

Update on Bidding of WHS & Move Management Process & Planning

High School Project 01:00:24

Questions / Comments

Adjournment 01:03:52

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