Conservation Commission - May 3, 2023


Informational Update 00:01:06

A. Patrick Fairbairn updating the Conservation Commission on the Mount Aurburn Cemetery amphibian study

Informational Meeting 00:16:15

A. DPW Discussion and Presentation on Walker Pond

Public Hearing 00:27:38

A. (Continued to the May 3, 2023 meeting)- Request for Determination of Applicability- for the proposed parking lot improvements and utility upgrades located at 10- 30 Manley Way, Watertown, Massachusetts. PPF Industrial 20 Seylon, LLC, Owner, Christopher M. Lucas, Representative/Applicant

Public Hearing 00:49:26

(Continued to the June 7, 2023 meeting)- Lot located off 0 Arlington St- Notice of Intent submitted for the construction of a 41,289 square feet (sf) of pervious parking area to grade and pave the north side of Sawins Pond, extending from the existing paved parking lot, located off 0 Arlington Street, between 71 Arlington Street and 15 Arlington Street taking place within the 100 foot Buffer Zone of Vegetated wetlands and Inland Bank and locally regulated 150 foot Buffer Zone. Polina Safran, Respresentative from SWCA, Max Hatziliades, Owner

Acceptance of Minutes 00:49:40

A. Review and acceptance of Minutes from the February, 1, 2023 Meeting. Review and acceptance of Minutes from the March 1, 2023 Meeting. Review and acceptance of Minutes from the April 12, 2023 Meeting.

Agent Report 00:56:10

A. CPC Update by Jamie O'Connell Vote on Authorization for electronic signatures of Conservation Commission members GSA Site 99 Coolidge Willow Pond 321-161

Adjournment 01:29:23

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