Zoning Board of Appeals - May 24, 2023


Administrative Business 00:02:57

Meeting Minutes - April 26, 2023

Cases 00:03:32

90 School St- Robert and Sandra Mackerron- Special Permit under §5.01 (d) to convert the existing two-family to a three-family by converting the basement living space to a third unit. Special Permit Finding §4.06 (a) for relief from §5.04 to allow the construction of a dormer on the third floor, increasing pre-existing non-conforming half-story. Neighborhood Business CITY OF WATERTOWN ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS ADMINISTRATION BUILDING 149 Main Street Watertown, Massachusetts 02472 BOARD MEMBERS Melissa M. SantucciRozzi, Chair David Ferris, Clerk Christopher Heep , Member Michael Brangwynne, Member Gregory Girard, Alternate Member TEL. (617) 972-6427 District. ZBA 2023-03

Cases 00:17:22

61 Bigelow Ave-Gilbert F. Bortone-Appeal of the Determination by the Zoning Enforcement Officer (ZEO) in accordance with §9.19, where such determination was made on March 15, 2023 to deny a request to demolish the existing structure and issue a building permit for a steel frame structure to be used for the previous Light Industry use in the T-Zone. ZBA 2023-04

Cases 00:49:56

104 Main St. -O’Connor Capital Partners LLC/ O’Connor Management LLC- Special Permit with Site Plan Review to redevelop five lots (with addresses of 104 and 116-126 Main Street, 2 Cross Street, 53 Pleasant Street, and a vacant lot at the corner of Cross Street and Pleasant Street) into a new mixed-use development. Project will include approximately 6,201 sq.ft. of first floor commercial/retail space along Main St. with 143 apartment units and 5 townhome units, and a two-level parking garage with 154 spaces, and 2 handicap surface spaces. Pursuant to §5.01 (k)(2) mixed use development; § 4.10 additional height and rooftop features; § 5.05(f) increased length of contiguous facade and building length in keeping with Design Guidelines; §6.01 (e & f)shared parking and reduced parking with encouragement of alternative modes of transportation; subject to §5.07 Affordable Housing Requirements; §4.06 (a) alteration, change, extension of non-conforming use and structure and § 9.12 all inaccordance with §9.03 through §9.05. Central Business (CB) Zoning District. ZBA-2023-02.

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