Conservation Commission - June 7, 2023


Informational Meeting 00:01:50

Friends of Bees- presentation on Bee City

Informational Meeting 00:34:35

Whitney Hill proposed trail work discussion

Public Hearing 01:23:47

Request for Certificate of Compliance for Mass DEP- 321-0161- Notice of Intent permit on behalf of Mount Auburn Cemetery for the repair and improvement of stormwater discharges on the northwestern shore of Willow Pond within the cemetery grounds. Scott Fisher, SWCA, Representative

Public Hearing 01:36:25

650 Pleasant St- (Mass DEP 321- 0171)-Request for Certificate of Compliance.

Commission Discussion and Vote 01:45:12

Nominations and vote for new chair and vice chair

Commission Discussion 01:50:04

Review and Vote of Finalized Language for electronic signatures for Watertown Conservation Commission

Agent Report 01:53:48

Acceptance of Minutes 02:00:53

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