Historical Commission - June 8, 2023


Acceptance of Minutes 00:00:47

Review and Acceptance of Minutes from the April 13, 2023 Historical Commission Meeting

Acceptance of Minutes 00:01:48

Review and Accept Minutes from the May 11, 2023 Historical Commission Meeting

Public Hearing 00:03:01

34 Hawthorne Street- to determine if the house and garage located at 34 Hawthorne St. are preferably preserved and if a demolition delay will be imposed. Robert Calnan, Applicant, Kouf-Cal, LLC

Public Hearing 01:17:18

112 Forrest St. Request to review new information about the feasibility of restoration to the house and garage and review of the one-year demolition delay imposed at the November 10, 2022 public hearing

Commission Discussion 02:06:34

Historic Preservation Awards Ceremony 2023

Commission Discussion 02:06:34

A. Memorial Day Parade 2023

CPC Update 02:06:45

Agent Report 02:07:03

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