Library Board of Trustees - August 1, 2023


Call to Order 00:00:15

Secretary’s Report 00:01:23

Public Forum 00:04:49

Financial Report 00:05:06

Chair’s Report 00:07:25

Director’s Report 00:08:14

Old Business 00:21:06

New Business 00:24:27

Requests for Information and Responses 00:24:35

Date of next meeting 00:24:50

Executive Session 00:28:12

Enter into Executive Session Pursuant to G.L. c. 30A, sec. 21(A)(2), To Conduct Strategy Sessions in Preparation for Negotiations with Nonunion Personnel or to Conduct Collective Bargaining Sessions or Contract Negotiations with Nonunion Personnel – Library Director. Not to return to open session.

Adjournment 00:28:35

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