Charter Review Communications Subcommittee - December 11, 2020

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Call to Order 00:00:06

Methods of Outreach 00:04:55

A. Speak before Local Groups B. Outreach to Local Media (Tab, Patch, and Watertown News C. Flyer Distribution (Description of Charter Review Process) D. Bulletin Board (Where: Senior Center, Town Hall, Boys/Girls Club, Apartment Building Entrances E. Insert in Water/Tax Bill (See #3 Below) F. Online: Facebook, Twitter, Nextdoor G. Local Cable: Ad/Announcement H. Outreach to Local Neighborhood Groups (Concerned Citizens, Watertown Forward, etc.) or Those that have Email Lists I. Town Councilors J. Sandwich Boards K. Working with Watertown Forward in their Zoom Forums L. Polling Possibilities

Discuss Website Creation 01:25:20

Adjournment 01:33:59

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