Zoning Board of Appeals - December 16, 2020


Approval of Minutes 00:03:09

Minutes from October 28th, 2020 & November 18th, 2020

New Case - 17 Perry St. 00:06:57

David Arshakyan requests a Special Permit Finding under §4.06 to construct a second story addition within non-conforming rear and side yard setbacks. ZBA-2020-23

Continued Case - 202 Arsenal St. 00:23:34

Cresset/WS Venture LLC., requests a Special Permit/Site Plan Review to convert a previously approved retail/commercial building to 87,332 sq. ft. Lab/R&D facility with 1,240 sq. ft., ground floor retail space, §5.01.5 (e). ZBA-2020-18.

New Cases - 615 Arsenal St. 01:53:17

Home Depot USA, Inc., requests an Amendment to Special Permit ZBA2016-16 ASP to increase the available parking in the existing lot by adding a net 50 spaces along the southern edge of the property. ZBA-2020-19.

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