Zoning Board of Appeals - November 18, 2020


Administrative - Approve Minutes 00:04:22

Approval of Minutes: September 23rd, 2020; October 28th, 2020

New Case - 90 School Street 00:05:21

Robert and Sandra MacKerron, request the Zoning Board of Appeals grant a Special Permit to convert an existing two-family dwelling to a three-family dwelling by Sec.5.01(d); and Special Permit Finding to increase preexisting 3rd story, Sec.4.06. ZBA2020-12

New Case - 45 Piermont St. 00:54:53

– Brett Dahlgard and Nicole Kearns, request the Board grant a Special Permit Finding to add second story to a single-family home within the front and side yard setbacks required by Sec. 4.06. ZBA-2020-14

New Case - 48 N. Beacon St. 01:20:39

– Sira Naturals, Inc. requests a Special Permit for an Adult Use Marijuana Establishment, Sec. 5.01.5.l; and a Special Permit Finding for continuance of existing nonconformity, as the site has parking area and existing structures within the setbackrequirements set forth by the Zoning Ordinance, Sec. 4.06. ZBA-2020-17

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