School Building Committee - April 21, 2021

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Call to Order 00:00:10

Review and Approval of Meeting Minutes – 3/17/2021 00:01:59

Review and Approval of Monthly Invoices 00:02:54

Three Elementary School Project Invoices

Review and Approval of Monthly Invoices 00:04:54

Three Elementary School Project - Change Order #6

Executive Summary 00:09:40

Lowell Elementary School Schedule Overview 00:12:47

Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment Update 00:30:24

Elementary School - Questions / Comments 00:31:19

High School Project 00:37:02

Continued discussion of building option 1H, swing space option 1B, community forum/Moxley Neighborhood meeting feedback, updated costs per recent cost estimates, and next steps.

Adjournment 01:47:31

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